Australia, it's not over yet. Protest for freedom this Saturday 17 September.

Reminder ☝🏼 Double, triple and even quadruple vax is still required in Australia as precondition to work in a range of industries and private businesses. And the threat of further lockdowns, mask mandates and travel restrictions hangs over us like the sword of Damocles.

Peaceful protest is a freedom that we still have. Organise your crew, bring a sign, and stand peacefully for you, for us, and for those who don’t yet understand why this is important.

If you’re not the protesting type, share this with everyone you know who is.

Aside - I never went to protests until November 2021, which was about the time I realised that something didn’t seem right (a little late to the party, I know). Since then, I’ve been to many of the freedom rallies in Perth, where I’ve heard impassioned and motivating speeches and have met many great people.

I’ve also figured out a few key dos and don’ts along the way:

- Bring water, pack snacks.
- Bring adequate protection from the weather: umbrella, long sleeves, hat, sunscreen.
- Say hi and start conversations.
- Bring a sign.
- Stay peaceful and civil. Speak to bystanders and police respectfully, if at all. If people heckle, ignore them. You are protesting on their behalf, they just don’t know it.

- Bring signs that are off-topic. Signs that say : “Climate change is a hoax,” or “There is no virus” at a protest for upholding civil liberties just distract from the main cause and are guaranteed to end up on the news as proof that the protestors are a fringe minority of kooks. Even if you believe those statements to be true, save them for an appropriate forum.
- Get aggressive. Police are hawkish at these events and you will just end up in a paddy wagon. And on the news. Again, more fringe kooks showing the world how selfish and reckless they are. Don’t give the authorities any more reasons to revoke our freedom to protest.

If you’re in Perth and make it down, I’ll see you there!